美国亚马逊有个prime到底有什么用?而且还自动划了我的帐收了费用,怎么退出Amazon Prim

美国亚马逊有个prime到底有什么用?而且还自动划了我的帐收了费用,怎么退出Amazon Prime?

具体的取消流程是:先把去账户里把Amazon Prime 资格取消(首先找到亚马逊首页有一个try Prime ,找到有一个manage Prime membership,点击END membership,然后在弹出的对话框里点击确实END,就顺利退订啦。),然后到Contact Us里给美亚客服发信息(点右下角那个chat)确认是否扣款会还给我,得到了对方的肯定回复。然后就是耐心等着了。给大家看一下我和亚马逊客服的对话记录,以供发生类似网友们参考。
Me:Hello, I have been deducted prime Member costs $ 79 , now I have canceled my membership, this deduction can be returned to me?
Mary:Nice to meet you! My name is Mary. Thank you for visiting Amazon. I'll be happy to assist you.I checked your Prime subscription and verified that it was cancelled successfully. You will receive a refund for this within the next 2 -3 business days.
Me:Thx u,Mary,And u help
Mary:You are most welcome, I am going to send you an email for your reference,Will there be anything else for today>?
Mary:You are most welcome , Email was sent already and I have my name at the bottom, please go through on the email thank you.I'm delighted to be of service to you today. Thank you so much for contacting us, You have a Great Night!


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