下方是一件成功拿回销售权 的申诉信供参考:
Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team.
We understand that recently our performance as a seller on Amazon, com has fallen below both Amazon's and our own standards of quality.
I believe it is mainly because of our inadequate communication that we have recently seen two A Z guarantee claims which have resulted in our ODR exceeding the performance target of <1%.Unfortunately, we
changed the Listings Status to be Inactive from 23/01/2014 to 06/02/2014 because of a long vacation, obviously, the two complaints are nightmare during the period without order.
Plan of Action: We are taking the following steps to improve our performance:
1.Review a 11 of products to make sure that the pictures and descriptions are accurately match with our products.
2.Most importantly, we wiII complete the investigation more quickly and proactively (within12 hours) to any problems with customer orders to keep our customers more informed and help prevent A~z guarantee claims as much as possible, then replacement or a full refund will be done within 24 hours
3.In addition, we will more aggressively monitor our performance metrics to assure we are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own standards of quaIity customer service.
信件中提到了关于造成如此状况的原因,还有给予准确的时间范 围。并且将补救措施以条列式清楚简明的回答给亚马逊官方,这些都是值得借鉴参考的部份。

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